Guy Fawkes Where Are You ?

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Canary42 | 18:07 Sat 21st May 2022 | Politics
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Former Tory Minister Andrea Leadsom has said that Parliament could burn down like Notre Dame cathedral “any day” if it does not receive urgent renovation work.

The Houses of Parliament are set to be renovated at between £7bn and £13bn but the work has yet to start.

Leadsom has suggested any further delay could mean the building suffers the same fate as the 850-year-old Notre Dame, in Paris, which was destroyed by a major fire in 2019.

"That is so 'there but for the grace of God'," she told the Radio 4's Week in Westminster programme after saying a fire was averted at parliament five years ago.

"It could burn down today, tomorrow, any day and we've got to make that decision and get on with it."

Bring it on. I'm sure we could find somewhere else for them, for much less than £13bn.


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What the Fawkes?
As they say in Paris....
'Red sky at night, t'cathedral's alight'

just to excoriate sparker ( sprakley kid who cant understand any of my connection which I admit can be loose)

the last time it burnt down was 1832 - and the watercolours from a Famous Artist turned up on the Antiques Road Show in Oz
Lots of people did it apparently ( sketched the burning House)
Turner and Constable were both there, weren't they? I expect Damien Hirst was too.
considering how they've been leaning on the BBC to open rural branches, there's an obvious site for moving Parliament to
here’s definitely an opportunity to make parliament more accessible to the electorate - base it in a big-shed warehouse building next to a major motorway junction, maybe even M62 j22. it can have a mahoosive car park, no better way to get the voters to visit their seat of government.

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Guy Fawkes Where Are You ?

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