Getting Their Priorities Right

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Canary42 | 16:54 Fri 29th Apr 2022 | Politics
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The very same day their National Insurance hike hits pay packets across the UK, the Conservatives’ cost of living Committee is heading off for a fortnight’s break.

They’ve only held one meeting so far.

While working people, who have already been hit with record rises in energy, petrol and food, are struggling to make ends meet, the very people supposed to be delivering solutions are off on a two week jolly.

In that time, households will fork out £1 billion more in tax.

Britain deserves better.


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As ive said a million times before,you peeps down in England are lucky you have only one bunch of venal bastrads to deal with,up here in Scotland we have two brands of venal bastrad nationalists to deal with.Bojos bastrads and Wee Burneys bastrads.
I'm crying into my Haggis.
the whole house is in recess with the end of the present parliamentary session. surely you're not expecting committees to attend when the rest of the place is shut?
@17.02.Us decent ordinary Scots are getting a wee bit angry.Wee Burney and Wee Bojo better watch out.Enough is enough.
if output were measure in time spent in ctee,
then the NHS wd come out top wouldnt it?
//the very people supposed to be delivering solutions are off on a two week jolly.//

Probably hard at work at their 2nd or 3rd jobs.
£1b extra tax in one fortnight?
the house of commons is a magnificent talking shop
you must have noticed this by now....
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Getting Their Priorities Right

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