What A Disaster This Government Has Turned Out To Be.

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Canary42 | 11:19 Tue 12th Oct 2021 | Politics
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Prices are going up, universal credit has been cut, energy bills will rise again, and soon people will feel another hit from the National Insurance increase and the inevitable council tax hikes down the line.

Farmers are being forced to incinerate thousands of pigs due to a national shortage of skilled butchers, while a huge shortfall of HGV drivers is taking workers from other sectors. All of this could have been foreseen by a competent government. This chaos won’t magically sort itself out. But what is the Tory response? To raise taxes for working people, and endlessly campaign instead of seriously govern – they’re more bothered about their rich cronies funding the Party than solutions to the issues facing the country.

Boris got it wrong. He stuck his head in the sand for weeks, saying supply-chain problems didn’t exist. As working people started to feel the hit of soaring prices, he came to the table not with a solution, but a fantasy that this was his grand strategy all along.

Now instead of sorting it out, Boris had gone into hiding again. When the going gets tough, Boris hides. How do those people who are nervously watching their outgoings rise and rise feel? In the teeth of a crisis of its own making, the government has put its out-of-office notice out.

It wasn't enough to “get Brexit done”. They should have had a plan to "make Brexit work". Despite having more than five years since the referendum, the Tories have not bothered to tackle skills shortages that were inevitably going to occur post-Brexit.


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T/C 13.22 ,Thats providing the river hasn't run out of water.
//Just wait if Scotland get "independence" it'll be even harder to get us out of no 10// Won't be Scotland's problem then.
No - Scotland will have to deal with its own problems!

If the OP thinks this is a disaster wait till we have another 10 or more years with Boris in charge! LOL
There is no justification for raising council tax. All councils are run by corrupt, wasteful incompetent fools.
//All councils are run by corrupt, wasteful incompetent fools.//

ALL councils? I don't really think so.

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What A Disaster This Government Has Turned Out To Be.

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