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teacake44 | 12:51 Wed 15th Jul 2020 | Politics
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After months of refusing to go on GB to be interviewed by Piers Morgan, Matt Hancock turns up today for an interview with Lorrain Kelly, Of course this is nothing to do with the fact that Piers is on a 2 month break, and he knows Lorrain will be a soft touch. What a coward :0))))


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I was under the impression that Piers Morgan has ,in effect, been Black balled by the current government. That would mean, I assume, that no Cabinet member is expected to appear or engage with the so called journalistic style that Morgan operates. That decision says more about Piers Morgan than Hancock. At the end of the day it is not for You to decide a cabinet member's schedule.
Nobody in their right mind would want to be interviewed by Piers Morgan, horrible man.
He has a perfect right to refuse to be interviewed, no matter who the interviewer is.
Piers Morgan is the last person on earth that I would want to spend any time with at all.
He even talks over his colleague Sue Reide, not letting her get a word in.
Good decision by Matt, and as others have said no politicians to be interviewed by That awful man.
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Terrified of being grilled by a brilliant journalist, and so is Boris. Is journalistic style is one they can't wriggle out of with lies. :0)
A brilliant journalist??
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17.46 Yep!! he asks the questions everyone else is scared of asking., and the ones Boris and his gang shy away from.
Asking an awkward question is OK but what happened to good manners and allowing the interviewee to answer?
How are you Theland?
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18.00, he just stops them in their tracks rabbling on about everything else, and avoiding the question he has put to them, that's what politicians do avoid avoid avoid.

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