Trump Or Biden?

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Theland | 10:26 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Politics
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I hope Trump wins the election in November in spite of his bad press.
Biden, the alternative, would not only be a disaster for the USA, but for the whole of the western democracies as well.
What do you think Trumps chances are?


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Biden has lost it mentally. And I genuinely don't mean that as an insult. Dementia is a terrible disease.
02:05 Sat 06th Jun 2020
// Yes the criminal CCP needs a strong opponent, and Biden is not it. //

Maybe not, but then again nor is the president of the Xi Jinping fan club.
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USA Navy is in force in the South China Sea to keep shipping lanes open.
Tariffs on Chinese goods.
Ban on chip exports to China.
And more besides.
Yes Trump is taking action.
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Gromit, have you considered the opposition Trump has had trying to get his policies through?
BUT, he has grown employment, up over 4% for BAME whose wages have risen 9% just as he promised.
Blacks were worse off under a black president after eight years in office.
If that is his legacy Theland, it's less Make America Great Again and more Make China Suffer Again.

His fixation on China seems to be clouding his judgement when it comes to doing what's right for his own country.
Obama's presidency began during or towards the end of one of the biggest recessions in history. Quite important for context. Not to mention that he too faced massive opposition, especially in the last four years of his presidency, from a Republican Senate and Republican House.

Trump supporters seem to be pretending that all these problems are new, but they are not. The system is, if anything, deliberately designed to stifle the President, on the (not unreasonable) grounds that no one person should have unrestrained power.

It's also important to mention that many of the moves towards greater employment etc, sadly now destroyed by the CoronaVirus, were continuations of trends that had started while Obama was in office. In a sense Trump was only surfing the wave on that score.

A more reasonable measure of Trump's success would be to choose his own standards: there were three signature aims he set out at the start of his presidency, namely tax reform, healthcare reform, and infrastructure reform. The last isn't a controversial issue but for some reason he hasn't even touched it. The second was blocked by his own party; the first he did achieve, although it mainly amounts to a tax cut for the wealthy so whether it's a good thing or not is debatable.
I should add that those three focus areas aren't the only metric to judge Trump's performance on, but they have the advantage of being his own targets.

Another metric might be Trump's influence on the judicial circuit: he has now appointed two SCOTUS judges and around 200 other high-level judges. Those judges will sit for years or decades, and mark a major shift to the right for the US judiciary.
You need to watch more Biden videos, Douglas.
Ban on chip exports to China.

Let’s unpick that one first.
They haven’t banned exports to China, the have forbidden US semiconductor companies selling to just one company - Huawei.
Huawei will buy what it needs somewhere else. So the losers are US companies.
I have moved this thread into the category "Politics".
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It wasn't a party political broadcast, but in Chatterbank where it could be seen, not tucked away down here.

Well, I'll take a guess it's because the thread is about politics.
I guess Trump will win again. Unfortunately. Biden does not seem in control of his faculties. Mind you, nor does Trump, but his supporters don’t seem to notice.
Turnout in November is going to be key as well. If we see something close to a 2008-level turnout then maybe Trump will be in trouble, but otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if the Electoral College works out in his favour again.
Never known the ED move anti-Trump posts into 'backwaters'. Wonder why?
Should have moved it into Jokes. Trump is a stone cold certainty to win another term.
Nothing in the future is ever certain. I'd probably have him as favourite for various reasons, but my goodness you've stuck your neck out rather.
If you want to put some charity where your mouth is then I'd be happy to have a £25 bet, loser donates to charity of winner's choice?
Maybe. But seeing as the AB's biggest losers are all in opposition, I'm quietly confident.
Hate so called 'charity'.
Fair enough. Offer is there if you change your mind.
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I think Trump will win if he can stop talking so undiplomatically.
Also, I think Leftism is the enemy of the American people, and Biden seems to be a puppet with the left pulling the strings.

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