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teacake44 | 19:29 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Politics
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The daily statements from no 10, all you keep hearing is the same day after day, (stay at home, wash your hands, save lives, protect the NHS,) yes yes I've got it!! The real questions that get asked by journalists get danced around as per normal by politicians.


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So have I, just can't stomach anymore. Deaths keep rising :(
I have to say a lot of the questions are DUMB. What else would you like to know?
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They spent the first 10mins today telling us the figures, what a waste of time we already know that we are reminded about 20 times a day, I think their just playing with us now. Even the hospitals have said their not giving the correct number of deaths.
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19.35 I would like them to come on and tell us that every hospital / care worker as got all the ppe they need, until then they can od off.
Maybe they could explain why they can't set up a proper info-site on the Net like other countries do so (if we want to) we can get detailed information as to how this thing is panning out across the UK and its population.
we have cut back on news because it's causing us all to get a bit anxious
I am still not sure what your problem is? They gave the figures for what PPE had been delivered.
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Woof, you believe what you want.
your permission greatly relieves my mind
god blimey well done - nice site

figures - because we dont understand them and worse the hacks doing the article and broadcasts gave up counting in primary school

I mean if it goes 10-20-40-80-90
it means that it has stopped doubling and the number altho increased heralds a down turn

and trying to get that over to someone who has only done meedja and sociology is well nigh impossible

see science and Jimz epidemiolgy 101

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I'll go back to what Boris said at the beginning of February, ( The NHS is well prepared) how can that be if they hadn't even got basic PPE. But I'm sure you will find an excuse for him.
Thank goodness we have Nicola talking sense in her daily update. In addition, she has a signer with her so that those who are deaf don't miss out on the latest news.
I don't watch it any more. I just look on the BBC news site for the gist of what's been said.
The questions are repetitive and often seem to be being made to make the questioner look clever but are too backward looking when we should be looking at where we are now and where we go next.
The same messages are being repeated, partly because as yous ay it's a way of avoiding answering and another way of saying "are you really asking that again", but also because some people are so far are either ignoring all the warnings or haven't heard the advice yet- eg the 90 year old mentioned on here who stubbornly insists on going out shopping every day even though their son/daughter can drop off whatever they need, the party with 20 guests that police stopped today, my neighbours who are forever going out in the car and coming back with friends and their children,...
It's like watching a horrible Eurovision.
And the results from Italy are....
Come in Italy......
How many confirmed cases are in your area?
Enter a postcode, English council or Scottish or Welsh NHS area to find out.

[i]Note: Not all those with the virus will have been tested[i]

In fact only a small, unknown minority with the virus have been tested. We are suffering from mushroom syndrome: kept in the dark and fed manure.

In my area, less than 1 in 5,000 have been confirmed positive.
There are 42 confirmed cases in Bolton, out of a local population of 285,372
128 confirmed cases in Buckinghamshire, out of a local population of 540,059

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