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Atheist | 15:46 Sat 23rd Mar 2019 | Politics
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I trust that most here are aware of the petition. A chance for remainers to show that there is a lot of support for their position. Have you voted yet?


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I think I will take up a new hobby - watch the numbers on the electric meter change ;-)
09:44 Mon 25th Mar 2019
They have to debate Petitions that top a set figure, doesn't mean to say it will be given anything more than short shrift.
Comparing Brexit to the moon landings is, shall we say, a tenuous comparison at best.

As I type the number of signatures is still climbing but at its lowest rate yet. Might just get to 6 million but would be surprised if it goes beyond that. But there's no way that the number of signatures is the upper limit for support for Remain.
They aren’t obliged to debate anything as I understand it. Petitions over 100,000 may be considered for debate.

But the timing of these emails doesn’t instil much confidence.
You’d think they’d send out the one about considered for/will be debated one BEFORE the one saying it was rejected.

It is one of the 16 options today I believe.
Donald Tusk tells MEPs: "You cannot betray the 6 million people who signed the petition to revoke Article 50 or the increasing majority who want to remain in the EU, they may feel that they are not sufficiently represented by the UK parliament….//

6 million? What about the 17 million plus who voted to leave? They haven’t been represented by the UK parliament since day one. He doesn't know the meaning of 'betrayal' - or he doesn't want to.
Not big on principle then, spath.
No, i actually agree with the principle.

Just over it to be honest.
Government response to Petition: It remains the Government’s firm policy not to revoke Article 50. We will honour the outcome of the 2016 referendum and work to deliver an exit which benefits everyone, whether they voted to Leave or to Remain.

Revoking Article 50, and thereby remaining in the European Union, would undermine both our democracy and the trust that millions of voters have placed in Government.

The Government acknowledges the considerable number of people who have signed this petition. However, close to three quarters of the electorate took part in the 2016 referendum, trusting that the result would be respected. This Government wrote to every household prior to the referendum, promising that the outcome of the referendum would be implemented. 17.4 million people then voted to leave the European Union, providing the biggest democratic mandate for any course of action ever directed at UK Government.

British people cast their votes once again in the 2017 General Election where over 80% of those who voted, voted for parties, including the Opposition, who committed in their manifestos to upholding the result of the referendum.

This Government stands by this commitment.

Revoking Article 50 would break the promises made by Government to the British people, disrespect the clear instruction from a democratic vote, and in turn, reduce confidence in our democracy. As the Prime Minister has said, failing to deliver Brexit would cause “potentially irreparable damage to public trust”, and it is imperative that people can trust their Government to respect their votes and deliver the best outcome for them.

Department for Exiting the European Union.
But then there is a later response like I say ...
Joined up government ... ??

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