In the 50 days since maddy vanished did you know??

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legend759 | 01:08 Sat 23rd Jun 2007 | Current Affairs
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Not a day passes without a mention of Madeleine McCann.
The four-year-old disappeared, leaving a high-profile flurry of publicity behind her.
On average, a child goes missing in the UK every five minutes - that is nearly 15,000 disappearances since Madeleine vanished.
Thankfully most missing children are reunited with their parents within a few hours or days.

But some who have vanished since Madeleine went missing are still unaccounted for - and have had their plight cast into her shadow.

This gallery displays some of the children who are missing - if you can help then contact

( this made me think about all the other kids who dont even get a mention,and how their parents must feel overlooked by the media)


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You have a very caring side to you legend.

Question Author
oh yeah im all heart trinny.

dont tell anyone tho ive got a reputation to live down to.

thankx : -)
This will ,I fear, become a statistic. I have very grave fears that she will never be found.
Was there not 5 sightings of her in Malta reported?
Question Author
see when someone spots her why dont they follow her to an apartment , or villa ,or hotel then call the police?

false alarms raise false hopes.
Just because all missing children do not get the same media coverage that Maddy has got Does not mean that the Mcanns are bad. They have the means to do this, if it was your child legend would you not want to make the whole world look for her.
I thought that too. Do something, take a pic on your phone, or go and talk to the people with her, if you thought it was Madeline. Why just say you thought you saw her, and then just walk away.

And why would anyone be so cruel as to make it up?
I agree with you Puss. The Mcanns have the resources to look for their child, and maybe inside they know that their leaving the 3 children alone, the guilt in that, is driving them harder to find their little girl.

Legend that is just what I thought - if you think you see her you would follow wouldn't you?. And why if these people get so close to who they believe to be her have they not looked at her eyes for confirmation. Just long for someone to say they've done this and its her but it doesn't look good after all this time.
Like bolting the stable door once the horse has bolted?
Question Author
puss what im saying is that yes maddy is tragic.
but did you know?because i didnt.
how many kids go missing?
or are missing.
are they any less worthy?
thats the point of my post.
and they are overlooked because some middle class parents thougfht it was ok to leave 3 toddlers alone in an unlocked room whilst they ate tapas and drank.
therefore making their child more important than all the others missing.
but gerry ,the dad, speaks strangely in my opinion.
he says "we didnt think iot would drag on this long" wekll its his fault and his wife.
meantime parents in the uk arent getting publicity or help with finding their kids.

mccans brought it on themselves im afraid.

others need consideration too.
puss, just because the McCanns have the means to travel the world to `search` for their daughter they still had more publicity than any other case of this happening, and in any other situation like this the parents would have been slated for leaving the kids alone
The McCanns are 'lucky' in that tyey have the financial wherewithall to independently pursue officials,travel to the Vatican or Lourdes and just generally keep their case in the public eye. They also are knowledgeable and sophisticated in a way that Mr&Mrs Joe Bloggs could never be. Unfortunately the majority of parents in their situation couldn't even begin to do what they are doing via the media. About 2 weeks ago I read of a little boy from the city I live in who had gone missing,-just one of those tiny paragraphs tucked away in the local rag...nothing before or since! What's happened to him? found or forgotten???does anyone wonder.
Question Author
im gettin sick of gerry and his smarmy voice and him saying its dragged on 50 days.
hard fkin cheese mate it was your fault shouldve thought of that before you went out eating and boozing.
sanctimonious git.
i hate even seeing him on tv now.
i wanna slap him and say its your fault you tit you shouldve taken your kids.
professionals eh??

without any sense though?

failure parents in my opinion
Question Author
exactly pasta overlooked because of maddy.
not maddys fault.

but gerry and kates entirely.

god im ragin at them
You probably feel it more than some legend cos you have your own little one who you CAN'T be with. don't worry-the McCanns will pay for this for the rest of their lives...i could go on but must be up @ 6 trouble is-mcCanns in media SO much,it is overkill.
The difference is though, that they havent been abducted and if they have its been by a parent. I know its no less worrying for a parent but its very rare, apparently 6 children a year, go missing in similar circumstances to maddy. Believe it or not that has been pretty much a constant since the 1940s.

I was shocked at the amount of east asian teenage girls that have gone missing on that site. Often from asylum centres, that sounds alarm bells that they have been pushed into a sleezy sex trade. Honestly, you see these brothels on the news, with polish, russian, asian teenagers forced to work. They tell stories of how they cried and cried everytime they were with a client for the first few is going on in these guys heads when they do this?
Question Author
goody thing is their parents dont know where they are.

think of them eh?
Like I said its still worrying for the parents.

I cant believe I am about to even type this, I imagine that I would rather my child was abducted by a father who wanted his child than a random. I would also think circumstances are less frantic when your child is a runaway. Abduction by a stranger never, ever seems to have a good outcome.

I have read of recent cases in America where really sick individuals, hunt down pregnant women and follow them till they are nearly due and take their babies from out of them. Its absolutely horrifying and this is all to meet demand for couples who want a baby but cant have them.
Question Author
goody one thing.

as reverendfunk said today.

still no proof of abduction at all.


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