hass everyone given up on finding maddie?

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redhead23 | 20:21 Fri 08th Jun 2007 | Current Affairs
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well i see less and less coverage and i knew that would happen obviously but where the HELL IS SHE ? FOR GOD SAKE WHO EVER HAS HER SHOULD LET THE PARENTS KNOW , ITS PROLONGED AGONY !


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I quite agree red, but the problem as I see it, is whoever took her, for whatever reason, can't say anything, that way, as you rightly point out, the publicity will die down, and less people will give up their time.

Case in point, which I think has been mentioned before, is Ben Needham, although his parents didn't have the resources of Maddies, I think the probability is that the end result will be the same, although,

Hope springs eternal.
No, Ben was too young to remenber anything.

If Maddie is still alive, one day someone will have suspicions and ask her. That unusual appearance of her iris will identify her. She will remember, and say yes she is Maddie..

Unfortunately that is why I don't think she was abducted to order. If they entered the villa (which I doubt) there was a younger girl. Why abduct a girl of nearly four?

More likely she woke, wandered out of the unlocked aparment and was taken by an opportunist. I fear she is probably dead.
I disagree and believe she is alive.

Unless 20 feet under the ocean, it is a lot harder to hide a dead body than a live one. The ground would be too hard to bury somebody over there without making it obvious.

She is alive somewhere.

The philosophical question is, and is nigh on impossible to answer by the parents is:

Would they prefer to find a dead child or never find her, not knowing what is happenning????
My concern is that this is such a high profile case that if someone has got her it is very difficult for them to come forward as the media interest will be huge. I'm not suggesting that I have any sympathy with the abductor but I hope that if it all dies down a little then he or she will feel able to contact the police. There was actually an article in the paper today saying that the police had received a call from someone claiming to know where she is and that they are taking it seriously as this person seemed to know more than has been made public. I hope that it is the case and that Maddie can be returned very soon.
i think shes alive.but after the case being so high profile i doubt anyone will return her.i dont thi nk they will get her back.i just hope they take good care of the two they have.its a terrible hard lesson that theyve been taught about leaving their kids.i hope others watching are more careful too.
I aggree with you legend tottaly
cheers knob nutzz
I will be very pleasantly surprised if this girl is found alive. The reward money is huge, and someone would blab. Greed is a powerful motivator.

I think one possibility is she was dumped at sea, weighted down. Frankly there would be little left by now to find.

If she was abducted I doubt she'll be returned. Kidnappers won't be thinking, 'oh sh!t, we abducted this girl without realising the heartbreak it would cause, now I've seen the parents with the pope though I suppose I'd better return her once it all dies down.'

I know that if my boyfriends son, who's three months older than Maddie, woke up on his own in a strange place the first thing he would do is come looking for us, it wouldn't even occur to him that he wouldn't know where to start looking, I fully believe that he would just walk and walk hoping to find us. It's so sad to think that could have happened to her with tragic consequences, although surely people would have noticed a child wandering around on her own? Who knows.
What disturbed me recently was the arrest and torture of a woman in Portugal for abduction of a young child who was found dead. This happened a few months ago not 6 miles from the current abduction. A confession was beaten out of her but we know admitting to guilt under duress is not reliable. What entered my mind was suppose she was innocent and the abductor is still on the loose and so had repeated the crime?

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hass everyone given up on finding maddie?

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