Bank Holiday for Queen's Diamond Wedding

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denethor | 15:26 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Current Affairs
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I was on the Internet last Friday and came across several articles mentioning a bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Wedding which takes place later this year as the Queen will become the first monarch in British history to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary. Although the actual anniversary is on November 20 the proposed bank holiday would take place on Tue 28 Aug (the day after the August Bank Holiday) thus giving the country a four day weekend. Has anyone heard anything further?


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another nutcase joins up.
And all this will happen on 28 Aug will it - can't wait
Make a note in your diary folks
Hi, The Prophet,
Don't think you are going to get away with your remark pretending that it comes from the Bible.
Oh I thought it was the running list for 28 Aug
Could the Royal Family have grace to allow space for a dignified memorial of Diana's 10th anniversary that same week?
I agree with normanthedog but also if this is true it will be a nice tribute to the people from a very hard working lady long may she reign

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Bank Holiday for Queen's Diamond Wedding

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