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gulliver1 | 18:16 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Current Affairs
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Wonder how.. The Ghastly Lady... "Thatcher" would have handled Covid.


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The way to thrive and prosper.

//We need to be more Thatcher and go business first, says British ‘Elon Musk’//
hurrah for him.
Gulliver, she was a shopkeeper's daughter who was a scientist.
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Wonder what her son Mark is doing these?.
Last I heard he was gun running in some dodgy Country.
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09.02 As mentioned three times already on this post.
But she was still a shopkeeper Daughter .
And what’s wrong with that^^^^^^?
Gulliver, don't you like to see people from the lower echelons make good? Cooo ... think how you'd moan if she was the daughter of an aristocrat!
@08.54.Your beloved SNP endorsed and made Thatcher,Gully....You must be so proud....
Without TGL, Spitting Image wouldn't have been half as funny.
"Would you like to order, Sir?"
"Yes, i'll have the steak."
"How would you like it?"
"Oh, raw please."
"And what about the vegetables?"
"Oh, they'll have the same as me."
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09.30. Ynnafymmi...... Eh!
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// Gulliver, she was a shopkeeper's daughter who was a scientist.//

excusay mwah

Gulliver, she was a The Mayor of Grantham's daughter and she was a scientist.
( just in case you think the Mayor was - he wasnt was he?)

I dont think her parents said - atta girl
she did a lot of it herself

just as Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin her toot (*) did. Beccles Grammar oxbridge, via a master who volunteered to teach her Latin matric to get her in. Hodgkin ( similar background - see above) said of Thatcher- - OK as a second class chemist.

// SFB, PMSL!//

foo-doo, wa wa, I say !
If only she'd got the Poll Tax to "stick" her legacy would have been complete.
Einstein's father was a featherbed salesman - go figure!
In answer to the OP - who cares?

Yes, without doubt, she has been the greatest PM in my lifetime, but she left office 30 years ago, and died 8 years ago, so it's an utterly pointless query - nobody knows how she would have handled Covid.
^^ Nobody knows how she would have handled it ^^ I do, she wouldn't have faffed about, made decisions when they needed to be made, and got on with the job, and sacked anyone who didn't do their job, and also faced the media rather than using lapdogs. Any under handed dealings for mates would have also been stamped on very quickly.
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Don't think Thatcher would have allowed Hancock on her team.
Is there a touch of misogyny here? And also, so what if she was a shopkeepers daughter? My friends dad was a corner shop owner and she is a physician.
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How and why did Mark Thatcher recieve a title ?
Sir Mark Thatcher, ???

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