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gulliver1 | 18:16 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Current Affairs
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Wonder how.. The Ghastly Lady... "Thatcher" would have handled Covid.


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Wonder what she would have thought if she had lived long enough, to see Boris hanging on a zip wire like a damp towel. Pillock!
Better than Bumbling Boris
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19.48 Anyone would have been better than.
"Bumbling Boris"
Whatever you think of her politics, she plainly had an eye for detail that makes a mockery of the current incumbent
// wonder what she would have thought if she had lived long enough, to see Boris hanging on a zip wire like a damp towel. //

Boris’s zipwire stunt was at the 2012 Olympics. Mrs thatcher didn’t die until 2013……
Look - take the political divisions off the table and look at some basics...

If you are a strategist/visionary/mega-leader, you need a cabinet that can provide the details and implement. (wit Churchill) and, in theory, Boris (1st class from Thatch's alma mater).

If you are a details person, (like Thatch - who held a 2.1), then you need the strategists somewhere in Cabinet - such as Patten, Clarke etc.

If you are a Crisis person, (like Blair - though he bungled the Iraqi War when the evidence was there), you need a good balance - Blair was no strategist but brilliant at PR. He had a 1st from Oxford.

If you are Jeremy Corbyn - you need MI5 or 6 to take you out as there was no hope as to Cabinet as he didn't understand and was just so blinkered. As to his intellectual qualifications, 2 Es at A-level which, to me, sums it up - no innate capacity to absorb, listen, synthesise, conclude and then provide the leadership. There are those who can do this - wit Richard Branson.....
To keep gully happy, John Major fell into the Corbyn camp....I worked for a major brand for a long time and one of the board said of John Major as to his intellectual ability to listen, comprehend, synthesise, strategise, deliver and leadership, 'He wouldn't have even made a low-middle management job with us. A host for the boxes at the MCC or Twickenham, perhaps and he needed to keep his .... in his box of Rice Krispies, rather than pursue female HoP MPs.'
In short, what Boris needs to do is to get a handle on a much better balanced Cabinet that can allow him to 'drive' on - otherwise he will go the same way as Churchill did, as to exiting Covid and WW2 respectively.
I didn't like her, but she would've given the kind of leadership this country was sorely lacking during the pandemic. Although I suspect she might have sacrificed the vulnerable to insure the economy wasn't as badly hit.
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20.05, Did you enjoy working as a sales Rep , sounds exiting.
??? what sort of tosh is weird and off-the mark you can be.
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20.20, Reading your post @ 20.05, about when you worked for a major Brand. It sounded like you were a Rep for "Rice Krispies" . Sorry if you feel offended.
bit more than that, given it was oil, gas, coal and renewables - and a regional directorship....! Apology accepted though.
Such a strong leader she was , sadly I didn’t realise this until later as I was Labour through and through ….till Teflon Tony Bliar rode into town and the Labour shower of Chit that have followed since then
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Of course the Falklands War saved her eventually. But unfortunatley for Boris he is stuck with the Covid war.and that isn't going to save him.
I think you’ll find it will ,dream on
TTT as min of health in stead of hopeless hancock - end of!
ar e we really comparing and contrasting covid and Falklands

and Galtieri - is he the virus - or the antiserum, or the hum of vacca hesitancy

carry on boys and girls !
Why is Thatcher in inverted commas in the OP?
They moan like hell about her,but it was the SNP that enabled Thatcher.The SNP can take the blame for Thatcherism.Eejits.

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