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sunny-dave | 15:43 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Current Affairs
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I've just seen this in a 'related story' hidden at the bottom of a BBC News page - so it must just have happened.

Why is the MSM not reporting this - surely we should have been told that the French have invaded and that our Monarch is slain?

Are all the media outlets now slaves to Normans?


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I'll keep an eye out for further news.
Did Gness knit that for you?
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She's run off with a bloke called Norman - apparently his spear is bigger than mine ...
It's probably got something to do with a slow news day.
It was in all the papers at the time. The headline of the Sun, 15th October, 1066 reads: "PLAGUE OF FROGS HITS BRITAIN".
"His spear is bigger than mine." I hear William's conkers are bigger than anyone else's. Hence his nickname.

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