Tougher Measures Covid

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eve1974 | 08:10 Tue 12th Jan 2021 | Current Affairs
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keen to hear :
1) if you believe tougher measures are needed lockdown wise.
2) what you believe these measures ought to include.


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Ty for all ur input.

I have found myself going 180deg.

A few weeks ago I was anti lockdown (fearing the economy and the long term deaths / mental health / loss of business) that would cause.

However Id say in the past 2 weeks I've changed totally. - I now want:

more policing, and closure of all non essential shops.
the only essentials I can think of are groceries and healthcare (human and animal).

Hardware stores to open but not for DIY - only selling limited range of things that are plumbing, electrical related.

For groceries I mean food and hygiene things only - no make up, no household fripperies - (this would stop people going to shop out of boredom).

This is all harsh - it will impact on peoples livelihoods (and that is tragic it REALLY is) it will impact on education etc.

But if we have HARD STRICT lockdown (unlike now) then that is the only way to SLOW this (and slowing for now is the best we can hope for - - let the NHS catch up).

Masks - I personally believe are all but useless because people don't use them correctly, such their faces, dont wash their masks often enough but I do wear mine.

Stop and search - anyone that is more than an hour (maximum) WALKING distance from their front door is to be fined unless their is a valid reason.

Stop and search on the roads via roadblocks - checking addresses and if out of their area finding out why.

Yes its draconian, yes its unreal but I just don't think what is currently being done is working well enough.

I realise I say all this with the benefit of being someone who lives in a rural setting, with space and I feel deep sorry for folk who are in cramped tower blocks with kids or alone etc. I don't know what the solution is there - I wish I did.
What prompted the change, if I may ask? In particular, I'd have thought that the situation in the last two weeks was very predictable easily a month ago, when Ministers made the bizarre and costly decision to relax the November restrictions just as they were starting to show an effect...
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Jim I think ur right it was predictable from the nov .... but ramped up significantly with the new strain.

For me what has changed it is reading (via Twitter I admit) London hospitals overrun and seeing / reading staffs experiences. Reading the stories of people on the ground (nurses, doctors) instead of politicians

To me (ignoring the graphs) the general feeling there is one of more exhaustion and ... hopelessness

Twitter is quite succinct in that folk have a limited amount of words to write
Cut their furlough money or benefits . If they can afford to spend it on partying etc. they don't need it.
And what about the people who aren't attending parties?
10.30 ummmm---This was an answer to the OP.Tougher measures for the ones who are breaking the lockdown rules not for the ones obeying.
They have to be caught in the act then?

I live with someone who doesn't obey the rules. Does my head in. I haven't been out (besides the shop) in almost a year. I'm exempt from wearing a mask but still wear one. He wears a mask but I haven't seen him in 2 days so God knows where he is.
pasta^^ she did say that Dave and Kate had gone on an overnight stay at a relatives house.
wrong thread--sorry^^

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Tougher Measures Covid

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