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teacake44 | 13:35 Sun 15th Nov 2020 | Current Affairs
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Has the world gone mad, going on what I saw on TV this morning I'm beginning to feel it is, or at least USA. You have Trump yet again raising hate violence and rioting in Washington via Twitter. He then drives though the rioting were people are knocking seven bells out of each other, I believe also a stabbing, smiling and waving at them on his way to play golf. Are these Trump supporters that thick and stupid not to be able to see Trump is just using them for as long as possible. If this idiot don't go soon its got every chance of sparking mass shooting. As for the so called first lady , she must be as bad to even still be by his side.


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>>> He then drives though the rioting were people are knocking seven bells out of each other

That's not quite as Auntie Beeb reported it:
"Mr Trump's motorcade passed the gathering demonstrators on Saturday morning and did a circuit of nearby Freedom Plaza, but he carried on to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia without addressing the crowds.

He later retweeted video of protesters, posted by White House official Dan Scavino, vowing "We will WIN!"

While the daytime event was largely orderly, Trump supporters clashed with counter-demonstrators in the night. Video footage posted on social media showed fights breaking out.

Officials said 20 people had been arrested on a variety of charges, including assault and weapons possession. One stabbing was reported. Two police officers were also injured."

So it seems that there were no 'riots' going on while Trump was on his way to play golf.
Are BLM out having a peaceful protest again.?
At any given moment there are examples of lunacy somewhere on the globe, it's hard to countenance what (if anything) goes through their heads at times.
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Well you obviously did't see the footage I saw, unless it was made up?
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^^ to BC
"Has the world gone mad"

It went mad ages ago.

People like Trump are just players in an increasing cast of dolts.

Dangerously,a high proportion of the cast yield power and influence - the very people we put our faith in and uphold high standards.Standards that fall way way below ordinary decent folk.

Sunday sermon over ;-)
Can you give us a link to the footage you saw please.
Regarding Melania, she has to stay until the end of his presidency to get her pay-off.
Trump’s actions are deplorable but let’s not blow it out of proportion.
Things aren’t quite as violent as you say.
He’ll keep saying “we will win” and egging on unsavoury elements, but that can’t go on forever.
I wonder if Melania will write a tell-all...or is there a pre-nup tying her hands?
I suspect that Melania is trussed up like a Christmas turkey with the prenup she signed.
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No Lb I can't it was a quick flash on the news I saw, but its more than obvious he's going all out to create big problems on the streets, This is the man who said he was going to make America great, for what? the same thing that he knocks other countries for doing. This idiot has got 8 weeks left to turn parts of the US into a bloodbath, If someone don't stop him.
As usual, ABers conveniently ignoring who is behind the majority of the violence.
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ik 13.52, you can't get much more out of proportion than this prat supporting such disorder.
"This idiot has got 8 weeks left to turn parts of the US into a bloodbath"

Now that wud be summat if he was eventually charged with incitement!!
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14.03, Incitement may even be the answer, lock him up for the remaining 8 weeks.

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