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teacake44 | 10:24 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Current Affairs
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We have the Brazilian nutter riding round on his horse like the Lone Ranger waving to his country, at the same times continues to burn the forest down to the ground, then plant dead bodies in the burnt out spaces by there thousands, because he says there is no problem.

You have Trump who has now taken to bible waving in hope of cooling down the riots, if not he will engage his army of bullies, just likes China do, to may be kill more than the virus has.
To some degree the riots have diverted his none action to the virus, simply because he don't care a dam about peoples lives.

You then have Kim jong-un who consistently, on a daily basis plays with his X-box delivering missiles to the open ocean, and gets a kick from watching them splash down, just itching for a real war with whoever.

Then we have Boris who's been hiding away from the media, and any type of media interview, because he's not sure what's going on himself and who's doing what.
They decided to hide the comparison world death chart some time ago, because we where wining, now the chart for testing has gone missing since we discovered the double counting scam. Boris has now said he is taking charge, so who has been calling the shots since the GE.

Then we have our lovely people of the UK, after only one week have managed to make our seaside towns/ beauty spots and parks look like one big dumping ground of their unwanted filth. It seems regardless of the past 4 months we are still hell bent on destroying the planet. Come the winter months, and the return of even worse flooding than last year, we again will be crying tears in our Xmas pudding, asking what's going wrong.


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