Employment At Record High!

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spathiphyllum | 11:32 Thu 24th Jan 2019 | Current Affairs
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... Claims May

However, BBC reality check asked the office for national statistics (ONS) whether working just one hour a week was all that was needed to be officially registered as employed.

The ONS confirmed that was the case.


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Eh, 50,000 jobs were axed in the first half of 2018. 23,000 shops along with 170,000 jobs are forecast to be lost in 2019 , think the headline to this post" Employment At Record High " ? Just More Tory Lies.
11:45 Thu 24th Jan 2019
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"I expect he'll change it now he has more answers to choose from. ;o)"

Expect the unexpected


Mark as worst answer
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"or you can try and count those registered to work, again that misses many out. "

Like the drug dealers and fake DVD salesmen.
I blame Brexit.
Shock Horror !

MP fudges figures

The Pope's a Catholic

Bears defecate in the woods
13.19 Canary 42, Is Jacob Rees Mogg is a Catholic.?
Jaguar Land Rover to cut 4,500 jobs.
"Gulliver, nothing to do with Brexit."

Save the wear on your keypad, danny. It's been pointed out to Gullible a number of times that this decision was taken in 2015. But of course it, and other similar business decisions, must be blamed on Brexit.
Jaguar Land Rover to close down for a week in April to adjust production, "" Because of BREXIT."" OK!.
"Jaguar Land Rover to close down for a week in April to adjust production, "" Because of BREXIT."" OK!."

No it's not OK. What, pray tell, has that to do with the 4,500 job losses that you mentioned earlier. You start by mentioning one thing that you ascribe to Brexit (which clearly is nothing to do with it). When challenged you mention something completely different.

Since you did mention something else it's worth addressing. Jaguar Land Rover has been poorly managed for ages and is suffering from the diesel fiasco and declining demand in China. It had already planned a ten day shutdown in April for maintenance. It is beginning that closure earlier for, what is says, is "Brexit uncertainty". It is not certain whether (a) the UK will leave the UK on 29th March; (b) if it does whether it will leave without a "deal"; (c) if it leaves without a deal whether there will be any immediate effects (as immediately as early April that is). JLR is in some trouble and explaining their decision to close for an extra few days in April due, as they say, to Brexit, is stretching their credibility.
Jaguar Land Rover blame Brexit for their present troubles I am inclined to believe them more than N/J.
Gulliver, as their troubles started in 2015, a year before the Brexit referendum, how on earth can it be blamed on Brexit.As usual you making an imagined occurrence without any proof
Gulliver says it as he would like it to be.
Goodness that village must be at a loss. .....
Anybody think that, one day, we will see a sensible post from him?

For me it is the highlight of the day. Nothing like a few side splitters to keep you going!
YMB , + Dopey Danny, Oh dear you poor little things, do try and get out more often , mix with people try and get a life, Enjoy.
Tesco to axe 15,000 jobs.
Plenty of work at the food banks. Sadly unpaid.
Sadly again, many "customers" are in work.
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Just found out that unpaid family work also counts as employment. LOL.

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Employment At Record High!

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