Mashup anyone ?

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Answerprancer | 21:58 Mon 14th Feb 2011 | Music
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A few months ago I started a thread re songs that sound similar.
Recently I noticed that the Vaccines' new single sounds a bit like Enola Gay by OMD so I thought "Hmmm" - here's the result.
Any ideas for more pairs of tracks that need to meet up 'neath the light of the silvery music software ?


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can you explain step by step how to do this?
Question Author
I used Adobe Audition to bring the two tracks together.

1) import both tracks into the multi-track page
2) measure the length of a couple of bars
(Enola Gay was **slightly** slower but in the same key)
3) time stretch (compress) the slower track so both of them are the same
4) break Enola Gay into bite sized chunks, click and drag them onto the multi track page so they line up with Post Breakup Sex
5) make sure the volume/EQ are balanced (difficult with this as both tracks are quite 'busy'.
6) create a mixdown and save as HQ mp3 file
7) find a couple of photos of both bands
8) import everything into Windows Movie Maker
9) line up (so they fade into each other) the photos under the mp3 music file
10) save as wmv
11) upload to YT viola ! voila
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Listen to this while you can - I just posted it as a video response on the Vaccines official vid - so it may well get zapped under copyright issues.
Sorry dude. I downloaded the trial version but couldn't fathom out a thing. Are you an ex Nasa Scientist????
" viola ! voila"

Spanglish for ''my fiddle, it is purple''.

Good tutorial btw :-))

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Mashup anyone ?

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