Is Lady Gaga going really Gaga????

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imhotep | 23:48 Mon 28th Jun 2010 | Music
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Wow, has anyone seen or heard the latest song called Alejandro????
Well, I have,and I hate to say it, but I quite like Lady Gaga despite her eccentric bizarre fashion that she wears nowadays!!
You got to give credit to her for her bravery though.Sorry to have to admit to this, but I like her songs that she produces.I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga now.
Here below is the latest song video that she has made.....some of it is a bit risqué!!!
So, sorry if it offends anyone.

(it's a Vevo video, so if you should have any trouble in the video stopping and starting, just Pause it for a bit until it downloads for a few moments, then continue with the song video.....Enjoy)


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Another thing to add is that I always go gaga every time I see Lady Gaga sing her songs.... :P :P
I don't care what she wears myself.Ahem.....the song video I posted above is the full 8:43 length of the song.
So you are getting the Official song there Lady Gaga fans!!
I have to admit , he does have a talent.
i love all her music :)
lady gaga is a she. LOL
are you sure?
There was a great article in a recent Saturday Times magazine (link below) which i read and Gaga seems to be a really nice (if not slightly odd!) and friendly person. My opinion of her changed a lot after reading it!
I can't see what all the fuss is about TBH. She's just another disco act. The weirdness to talent ratio is heavily tipped towards weirdness.

I can accept 'odd' or 'maverick' behaviour in genuinely talented people. Obviously this is in the eye of the beholder but she's no Michael Jackson, Prince etc.
I think she is very talented and at first i wanted to hate her tunes as i was bored by her over the top persona and wacky dress sense but she does write extremely catchy tunes and unlike many of her fellow artists (Cheryl Coles springs to mind!) she can perform live and does so very well. She is the most downloaded artist on the planet at the moment ( i think im right there?!) so she must be doing something right!
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many thanks for your comments folks.....

I'm an avid fan of Lady Gaga...... :P :P
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Have to totter off now......night, night!!
:D :)

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Is Lady Gaga going really Gaga????

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