What is mussel shoals has the swampers in sweet home alabama,byLynyrd Skynyrd?

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barneysdad | 14:08 Mon 10th Jan 2005 | Music
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What are mussel shoals got the swampers on the classic song "Sweet Home Alabama" it is just one line in a great song but it puzzles me, Please help!!!


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Muscle Shoals is the name of a region in northern Alabama.
Sorry, 'region' was a bit vague. It referred to an area that has since been 'incorporated' into a city in it's own right

From the official Muscle Shoals website:


The city is one of four cities known as the Quad Cities, the others being Florence, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. Muscle Shoals is known for recording many hit songs in the 1960s and 70s by artists such as the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and The Osmonds. Today it is no longer the "Hit Recording Capital of the World," as a sign near the airport says, but some music is still recorded there.

In the song "Sweet Home Alabama," by Lynyrd Skynyrd a verse states that "Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers." The "Swampers" were studio musicians who were available if backup was needed. They were given this name by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones during a recording session because of the swampy land around the Shoals area.

The "Swampers", also known as the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, were recently inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. To celebrate their success, MSRS (known as Muscle Shoals Sound during the 1960s and 1970s) released a limited-edition compilation CD containing ten instrumental hits. The tracks include "Swampers", "Muscle Shoals", "3614 Jam", and "Inner Tube". The CD came with a special insert full of information about the members of MSRS.

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What is mussel shoals has the swampers in sweet home alabama,byLynyrd Skynyrd?

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