need very heavy metal karaoke

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CiderMonkey | 11:39 Mon 29th Mar 2010 | Music
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Does anyone know where I could buy very heavy metal karaoke tracks. The heavier the better, european death metal and the likes! But any sort of heavy stuff would be good.



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I would think the chances of securing karaoke metal tracks is probably around zero, simply because the notion of thrash / death and karoke simply don;t mix, ergo, they don;t make commercial sense, so no-one is going to produce them.

My tip? Bring your own discs and stcik them in the karaoke machine, I imagine that the sort of punter you are going to get will know the material, and be so busy giving his vocal chords a good workout that he will be well heard over the actual track vocal.

Add to that the fact that by about 8:00, everyone will far too hammered to care!!!

Have a good time!
I like the look of that snags! TBH I think the OP is more 'Children of Bodom' etc
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Andy, yes, you're right, we're having trouble finding anything too heavy!

Snags, thank you so much but we already have most Metallica. But Booldawg is right, Children of Bodom is much more what we're looking for.

Thanks for the input, though, guys! :-)

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need very heavy metal karaoke

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