Silver iPOD Nano 8GB /MP3 player problem

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imhotep | 20:45 Fri 26th Feb 2010 | Music
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Hi peeeps!! It's been quite a while since I was on AB last.
But I was wondering if anyone can help me with a particular problem.
I got an MP3 player and an iPod Nano 8GB player,and I have had them for quite a while now.
I have hardly ever used them,as I tend to use my personal CD player instead.
I won the iPod 8GB in a contest,and I have never downloaded anything on to it.
The problem with both of them is that they refuse to recharge...aaaarrrgghhh!!

I connect either one of them using a USB lead to the computer and then switch the PC on.
The iPOD Nano bursts into life once the PC starts booting up,and stays on for a few seconds then the blooming thing switches itself off.I try pressing the buttons on the iPOD but nothing happens!!
Same thing happens with the MP3 player.That comes on,it shows on the small screen that it's recharging and then goes off.So,I left the MP3 player connected to the PC all day,even though the MP3 player screen went off.When I came home from work around 6pm,I pressed the button on the MP3 player and the screen showed that it was still recharging.I thought ehhh!! Surely it would have been recharged by now.
Every time I press a button on the MP3 player, it comes on for about 5 seconds and then goess off again...Aaaaghhhh!! Why on earth do they keep switching themselves off all the damn time???

With the iPOD connected,the logo comes up,and then the menu,but I can hardly do anything.The iPOD buttons won't respond at all.It has a HOLD function,and I've tried clicking the switch both ways,and tried pressing the buttons then,and STILL nothing.The iPOD simply does not want to recharge at all!!
My niece got it recharging,but I forgot how she did it.
Do I have to go online to download something or what?
Neither of the devices came with a CD installer!!
Can anyone help me here pleeeeasssee!!
I will be very grateful....thank you so much!! :D


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Silver iPOD Nano 8GB /MP3 player problem

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