Westlifes Manager??

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dee2912 | 00:22 Mon 07th Dec 2009 | Music
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If i wanted westlife to perform for me how do i go about it or who do i contact??


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We often see Nicky Byrne in the local shop - I could ask him for you if you want. Seriously though - I presume they have a website - maybe start there
I hope you have several thousand pounds to spare for their fee. Groups like Westlife don't just perform for free you know.
contact Louis Walsh's office in Dublin
It's not their manager you need so much as their agent. Check out Spotlight Contacts, either online or at your library. There's also another directory of agents, the name of which I just can't recall at the moment, but the librarian should be able to tell you.
If you need them to come to the UK, do bear in mind they fly without wings. I'm not sure if that means Ryanair
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Daffy654, dont be daff you dont get nothing for nothing in this life of course i am going to pay thanks for your answers folks
My guess is that nothing less than £100,000 would be considered, especially if you want them to bring musicians too.
>My guess is that nothing less than £100,000

I agree, possibly more.

It also depends what else they are doing that night !
They charged a couple £150,000 to perform at their wedding according to:

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Westlifes Manager??

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