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aiaiaiaiboy | 21:36 Thu 09th Dec 2004 | Music
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A song i only ever hear in shops or in the background of EastEnders is bugging me severely now. I never remember any of the lyrics except 'ai ai ai ai' I think she may sing

(Something i don't remember)...take it slow, ai ai ai ai

It sounds a little bit salsa-like. It's very repetitive (Yet i still don't know any words. Any clues????


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could it be sophie ellis bextor - murder on the dancefloor, or could be my my my by armand van helden
I also think it's Sophie EB but I'm sure it's "Get over you."
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it's not sophie ellis or armand van heldon. I know those. It has less words than sophie's song. Thanks for trying, i will maintain this mission until the day i die probably...and then have it played at my funeral!!!
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Zipadeedoodah zipadeeday...............Hurrah, i've done it!

Jamieson Feat Angel Blu - Take control...okay, not quite take it slow, but close enough. After trawling the charts of the year for songs which sound like it could be useful and then hunting for ringtone samples i've done it!!!! Woo-hoo. Just need to find a copy of the song now.

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ai ai ai ai

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