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trainspottin | 04:21 Wed 01st Dec 2004 | Music
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in a certain part of the movie ( where the main guy on the film is coming down hard off the heroin, he is in his room laying on his bead)  there is a mix that plays while he is tripping out. Does Anyone out there know what the name of the song was and by who?     


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I think that the song was by underworld, dont know the name though!

was it Perfect Day? by Velvet Underground.

Or Born Slippy by Underworld is maybe what Sherbie was on about :-)

it wasnt born slippy but it was definatley underworld. Perfect Day was played when Renton is overdosing in the flat and he goes through the carpet.
it is by underworld and the song is called " born slippy"...i've just listened to the soundtrack album-x-

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trainspotting soundtrack

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