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ermintrude35 | 20:54 Sun 25th Jan 2009 | Music
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Don't ask why but I need some song titles with a fishy theme, the cornier the better.


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Sole Man, James Brown.
Rock Lobster by The B52s
Plaice Your Hands...Reef
beyond the sea.. bobby darin (??)

under the sea from the little mermaid

salmon chanted evening
oh my cod - kaiser chiefs
The first cod is the deepest- Cat Stevens

Never Mind the Pollocks - Sex Pistols

Mackerel the knife - by Bobby Darin

Bass in pocket - The Pretenders
oh, I didn't realise you meant that corny!

when you fish upon a star

I do not need any puns, I have actual fishy songs.. yum yum....

Addicted to Plaice - Chris Moyles. (spoof)

Cape Cod - Elaine Page.

Fishermans woman - Emillina Torinni

Joy of life/ trout in the bath - The Coors

Six mile Water - Therapy

Sea people - opus III

River Sea ocean - Badly Drawn Boy

Anything by marillion (lead singer is called Fish) ok 1 pun.
Shark The Herald Angels Sing

Cod It Be Magic

Question Author
aww well done guys! keep them coming!
Sprat out of Hell - Meatloaf

Mullet Kintyre-Paul McCartney
when the boat comes in
Roe Roe Roe The Boat

At the river -Groove armada

Sitting on the dock of a bay - Otis Reading

oceanwalk - astronautalis

anything by noah and the whale?!

Octopus' Garden
W'eel meet again - groan!
or even
Whale meet again - double groan!!

Worried about Ray
Proper answer: The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

Stupid answer: B:REAM - Things Can Only Get Batter
anjakel......would you believe I have been thinkinking about you since just after Xmas.......welcome.

"Somewhere" P.J Proby....."There's a plaice for us" O.K it os not the title.

robthe wizard.....fantastic LOL LOL

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