Please help me find a song. looking for an old song ( i think) it's a motown song

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mutronic | 21:31 Wed 14th Jan 2009 | Music
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Hello, Is there anyone who can help me?

This is going to be quite difficult to explain, but I'm looking for a song I heard more than 5 years ago and haven't heard it since.

I can't remember the name of the song.
I can't remember the lyrics.
I don't know who sings it.
I don't really know what decade it's from.
I don't know what it's about either.

(your thinking why bother us!!!)

But I know what it reminds me of and how it makes me feel - here goes:

1. war and the men are leaving their loved ones.
2. 'someday we'll be together'
3. 'mr postman'
4. it's not up beat - it's quite slow moving.
5. a man sings it
6. sounds like a motown song
7. the lyrics are about going away and will see you again (something like that)
8. a train - people getting on a train and leaving their loved ones on the platform
9. the vietnam war in particular
10. makes me want to cry

now usually I am really good at finding songs i've only heard once or i've got some lyrics or recognise the singer but I am really stuck on this one. Please can some suggest some songs that fit this description?

It's not a marvin gaye song - i know that for sure

Thank you


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Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong?
Borderline by Chris De Burgh?
Mothers Pride by George Michael?
Do you mean Someday We'll Be Together. It's a track on Diana Ross and The Supremes Farewell album.
I was going to say Please Mr Postman by the Marvelettes but you say it's a male singer....
sounds like jimmy ruffins farewell is a lonely sound
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Thank you soooooo much 103greenwood.

Jimmy Ruffin - Farewell is a lonely sound

That is the song exactly. Perfect! wow! I am amazed why didn't I do this earlier. I have had migrains over this! ;D
I really appreciate your help. I have heard this song alot more then I thought. So great - one of the greats!

Stompe - that was a really moving clip, It wasn't what I was looking for but I am really glad I saw it.
Philtaz - thank you, wonderful world is one of my favourites - you reminded me of it and i just youtubed it. I also did a search for chris' borderline i can't remember hearing that before i'll check out mother's pride too.

Jan1957 and disco fever thank you for your responses.

I'm going to see if I can help anyone else out. Cheers :-D

pleased i was able to help u r very welcome
There was a male singer who made Please Mr Postman, Robert Bateman as it's on the Hitsville USA CD's....
No problem mutronic. I know the others weren't Motown songs but as your info was a real stab in the dark I thought I'd suggest them anyway as they deal with war themes.
Glad you found what you were after.

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Please help me find a song. looking for an old song ( i think) it's a motown song

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