Who's gonna love me when your gone? Who sings this?

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disneymagic | 07:21 Sat 09th Oct 2004 | Music
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Who sings this song? The only words I heard in the song were "Who's gonna love me when your gone." I don't know who sings the song or who the band is. Please help its very pretty.


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Just googled & it looks like Richard Marx. Click here to check out the lyrics:
Soul band "The Imperials" in 1977
Yep, dooleyfan the Imperials (minus "Little" Anthony Gourdine - link to currently much asked DFS advert question!) Think it was 76 though - on the Power Exchange label.

Quite right, dooleyfan and cruthinboy, it is "The Imperials" on the Power Exchange label.  According to my trusty Guinness Book of Hit Singles, it reached number 17 on 24th December 1977.


I knew so much & yet so little...& now I know a little more!  Thanks guys!

Get away!  End of '77 - almost '78?!?!?!? Surely not! My useless pop trivia memory, once razor-sharp, is rapidly fading!

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Who's gonna love me when your gone? Who sings this?

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