music from cannonball run movie

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sunflower71 | 19:37 Sat 20th Dec 2008 | Music
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the lyrics go like this:
"east county down 16 wheels are rolling, were gonna do what they say can't be done"
Anyone know who its by and what its called please.


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It's from Smokey And The Bandit and it's sung by the actor Jerry Reed, who played The Snowman. In fact, there's two songs used - East Bound and Down and Westbound and Down.

Download East from Bandit_-_East_Bound_and_Down.html ound-and-down-lyrics.html

It's West Bound and Down that has the line you quoted. My bad.
I think it more accurate to describe Jerry Reed as a Singer/Guitarist/Musician who occasionally acted rather than as an Actor.

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music from cannonball run movie

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