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RevFunk | 16:10 Thu 07th Aug 2008 | Music
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Any ideas about songs that have a gardening reference??


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Lavender's Blue, Dilly Dilly

Flowers in the Rain - The Move

Come in to the Garden, Maude

We'll Gather Lilacs

The Garden Where the Praties Grow - John McCormack

Down By The Sally Gardens

The Biggest Aspidestra in the World - Gracie Fields

Trees - Paul Robeson

Don't Fence Me In - Bing Crosby

A Little White Gardenia - Al Bowlly

Let It Bloom - Bing Crosby

Green Grow The Rushes Oh

I Can Hear the Grass Grow - The Move

And some old obscure ones here: /feature.php
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Most of those are obscure Ethel lol to me anyway

many thanks
English Country Garden - The Darkness
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It was lynne anderson nokno, classed as country and western I think...
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Burger me knowledge bit of an obscurity lol
What about octopuses garden by the beatles
I don't know that song by the jam....but it sounds lovely if it was a poem.

how about... 'I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me'
could be sung by prince charles?
Someones been diggin' my potatoes...(leadbelly & lonnie donegan)
John Denver Garden Song
Tom Paxton Who's Garden Was This
Frankie Vaughn Garden Of Eden
What about 'Blanket on the ground force' by Billie- Joe Shears?

...I'll get me coat!
Eamon- I love dem hoes?
Motorhead-Ace of Spades
Mock turtles- can you dig it
Hey Ethel the first one is Lavender Blue by Sammy Turner in 1959....
-mow the lawn by Gorkys Psychotic monkey
-weed party
-shed a tear

It's been a good year for the roses (various)
Honey by Bobby Goldsborough (sp?) - See the twig, how big it's grown etc etc
Tiptoe through the tulips
I got a New Rose (the Damned)...bit tenuous, I know...

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