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terambulan | 23:09 Sun 01st Jun 2008 | Music
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Who are PER? They request licence fees for music CDs played in shops. They claim to use the fees to subscribe towards musicians....anyone know any musicians who have benefitted from this organisation? Does this company produce any accountable proof.


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I have not heard of PER but am aware of the MCPS-PRS Alliance...
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surely you buy the rights to play the music when you purchase the CD. In a shop you are not inviting the public in to listen the music as you are selling other products. The music is part of the ambience?

I did look at the site and this seems to be voluntary membership?
You acquire no "rights" when you purchase a CD. All rights remain with the copyright holder.

When you purchase a retail CD you gain a standard licence to listen to the music contained on it for personal use only. If you wish to play the CD in relation to any business activity then another licence should be sought from the copyright holder. The MCPS-PRS Alliance is a central agency to facilitate this; the only other way would be to contact the copyright holder directly.
You also have to get a licence if you play a radio in an area that it can be heard by the public, even though the radio station has already paid a performance fee. Dont know how this works as the fee cannot be passed back to the perfomers (they would not know what station you are playing).
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"play the CD in relation to any business activity" Kempie this seems ambiguous as my pc could be playing downloads. So how would this apply?
in exactly the same way as if you were playing a cd or record or tape and "the public" were able to hearit at your business
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Why do this company have exclusive rights to these fees, are their no competitors or is it government run? Performers are not obliged to enlist with them. Performers I know have their own agents who draw the fees for the performers.
I've never heard of PER, but do work at the PRS. The PRS work on behalf of songwriters and publishers. There are companies who do similar work for the performing side of things too.
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Can I set up a similar company as PRS or do they have exclusive rights?
terambulan: Yes you are free to set up a competitor to PRS in the UK . However, to make it viable you will have to attract a large member base away from PRS in order to finance the running of it! PRS is well established (95 years) and despite being a de facto monopoly it is recognised generally that its collection and distribution service to its members and licensees has value and a competitor would not be beneficial. The situation in The US is different in that there are anti-trust laws preventing monopolies. Hence ASCAP,BMI and SESAC are allowed to operate.

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