Leslie Grantham --Dads Army

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Caribeing | 23:35 Tue 18th Mar 2008 | Music
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Local Theatre showing Dad's Army with Leslie
Grantham as Private Walker, would have liked
to see the show but put off by his appearance!
is he suitable for "family entertainment"
Didn't post this in Arts etc as not Arty enough!


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lol - not like he'll be spanking the monkey on stage, is it?

Apparently he's great in panto etc - go and have a laugh.
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In a Pickle
Thanks for the info, I know this wasn't the right category, should have been Arts Lit.
Still not keen on Leslie Grantham!!
I work for a theatre and we had this show a few weeks ago. It got really good reviews and is more than suitable for all ages although anyone under the age of 30 probably won't appreciate it - I know I wouldn't. Lesley Grantham isn't one of the main characters though so isn't in it that much - incidentally according to many of out staff - he's a lovely man and was constantly phoning his children/family!

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Leslie Grantham --Dads Army

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