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shirley xxx | 00:49 Thu 13th Dec 2007 | Music
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did jimmy page and eric clapton ever play in the same band together ?


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Briefly, Clapton Page and Jeff Beck were all in the Yardbirds together
actually I might be wrong, Page and Beck played together but I don't think Clapton and Page ever played in the same incarnation of the band.

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thanks dr wu for your swift answer, but you can see my problem, surely the two of the greatest talents ever must have been in the same group at the same time time.
somebody told me "blind faith" but can't find any evidence..


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and thanks tigger blue

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still however can't find the answer to the question.

I know Clapton & Beck played together in the studio, as I've got a compilation album with a track called Tribute to Elmore. Clapton's playing lead, & Beck is playing bass.
As for Blind faith, that was Clapton,Baker,Winwood & Grech.
I saw them on the same BILL together (Knebworth 1990) but they were not on stage together at the same time.
The Virgin encyclopedia of rock says that EC was replaced by Beck (1965) and Samwell-smith was replaced by Jimmy Page, Beck left during a US tour. So in answer to your question; Not in the yardbirds. Incidentally Jimmy Page did alot of session work, playing base as well as lead.
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Clapton and Page played 2 songs together at the 1983 MS benefit at the Royal Albert Hall. This was organised by Ronnie Lane.
The songs were "Tulsa time" & "Layla".
They never played together with the yardbirds I followed the yardbirds from when they started till keith relf died,
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thanks for everyones input, but confusion reigns.

No confusion really, the answer is a simple 'No'

although as halfadaily says they did do 2 songs on stage once as a one off.
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thats sorted then, thanks everyone.

Not in the Yardbirds.

Didn't Beck replace Clapton?
Yes he did.

Although apparently Clapton actually recommended Jimmy Page for the job but at the time Page wasn't up for it.

Ultimately Page had a change of heart a couple of years later and replaced Jeff Beck

....I can see why people get confused!

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