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FilthyMack | 17:05 Wed 14th Jul 2004 | Music
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Does anyone know who did a song about Gordon Strachan many years ago? It was about his Leeds Utd. days, Mark Radcliffe or possibly John Peel used to play it.


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Never heard this but it sounds like the kind of thing 'Half Man half Biscuit' would come up with. That would tie in with Peely/Radcliffe too. There must be a half man half biscuit website that would confirm?
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That's a definite no. I'm quite a big Half Man Half Biscuit fan so I already know it wasn't them. It was by a Leeds Utd fan I think.
Its called Strachan and its by the wonderful Hitchers. Again, absolutely brilliant lyrics about the "tiny wee scotsman with the copper coloured hair" !
this site has the lyrics and loads of news about the hitchers.

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Thanks bobbobley. That's the lyric that sticks in my mind too. I'll check it out.

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Song about Gordon Strachan

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