Private Jack - Liverpool singer - ex-Bingo Brothers

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SpiderPig | 16:09 Fri 07th Dec 2007 | Music
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Does anyone know if Private Jack is still playing the pubs around Liverpool?

He used to do a great version of " Brother Can You Spare A Dime " and " Barnacle Bill the Sailor ", as well as loads of his own songs.


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We went looking around Liverpool to find Private Jack - we found Phil Jones but apparently Private Jack very rarely sings now - I was informed that the last time was St Patricks Day in the Irish Bar on Matthew Street
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Cheers pxe

Nice to know there's at least one other fan knocking around.

I've just remembered that a friend of a friend used to be his guitarist accompaniment. Next time I see him I'll ask whether he's still in contact.

Where did you used to see him? I used to see him in a bar off County Road, Walton. I think it was called The Old Bill - it used to be a police station. I've also got a tape somewhere of him playing the pub by Liverpool's ground.

Thanks again
i used to have a tape of the bingo brothers live at sullivans wine bar,but my car was stolen along with the tape.don't suppose you could find yours and copy it for me ?
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Hi Cabbie69 - I hope you're subscribed to this thread- I can't find my Private Jack tape - but my friend has lent me a Bingo Brothers tape. If I can copy it, I can send you a copy. Leave an email address and we can discuss it.

Hi Spiderpig,my email address is [email protected]
Hi there,i know one half of The bingo brothers,and i have a studio recording,taken from the record they made,ive converted it to mp3,i would love to swop a copy of it with anyone who has a tape of them giging.As far as a know Tony the singers still lives on the Wirral,and John the guitarist is and has been in various other bands.
I will ask him what tonys up to if he knows

check this web site out,
aw yea i remember him - used to follow the group circa 1989, they were brill, would love to hear them again. ive got a tape with those 2 songs on.
Many years of searching myself have finally produced this. Here's Tony! Enjoy xx
Tony Jack Roberts...

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Private Jack - Liverpool singer - ex-Bingo Brothers

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