cryptic band names � any ideas???

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f1royal | 21:24 Mon 03rd Dec 2007 | Music
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I'm stuck on the following cryptic pop band names. Any ideas?

Scandalous chat
Fruit spirit
Adjudicate the lighter
A saint, a rogue and Liz
Catch Robbie
Terns, terns and more terns
Cartilage is pulsating
Izzard the narrator
Sweet sheet of glass
A vicar with the producers
Small Australian marsupials
Burning covered passageway
Not with Jill, then?
Leader writers
Boasting goat?
Battle Sirius
Trio from a sweet home
Clothiers with nothing in them?
Invoice dries up
Offspring of T Rex?
Unreliable or not strictly legal
Current allowance
Duchess with a black eye?



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terns, terns , more terns- Flock of Seagulls?
invoice dries up- bill withers
Not with Jill then- Just Jack
Vicar & producers-reverand and the makers.

More to follow
Scandalous Chat = The Gossip
A vicar with the producers = Reverend and the makers
Burning Covered Passageway = Arcade Fire
Not with Jill then? = Just Jack
Boasting Goat = Billy Bragg
A saint, a rogue and Liz = The Good, the Bad and the Queen
Unreliable...- Dodgy
(Bet Feebee gets it in a minute)
Offspring of T Rex------Dinosaur Jnr.
Cartilage is pulsating = Throbbing Gristle
Clothiers with nothing in them - Hoosiers (Hosiers with an O in)
Leader writers could be The Editors- bit dodgy though
Sweet Sheet of Glass = Candie Payne
fruit spirit- Cherry Ghost
(50 and I still know my music! Anyone older than me taking part?)
duchess with black eye- Fergie! (Duchess=Black Eyed Peas ref)
Small Australian marsupials = Wombats?

duchess with a black eye = Fergie (black eyed peas)
York310-are you the duchess of York?
Battle Sirius - Battle 'dog' fight, Sirius brightest 'star' = Dogstar (a nickname of Sirius)
Fruit Spirit - Buck's Fizz
Current Allowance - 50 Cent?! Worth a shot!
Unreliable or not strictly legal - Tricky perhaps?
Sorry that's all I have to offer other than what's already been posted!
This is a long shot ,

Izzard the narrator = Eddi Reader (Singer with Fairground Attraction)
Trio from a sweet home = Alabama Three
Good one Feebee!

Sorry SaintAleia- not sure about Bucks Fizz (orange fruit + champagne which isn't a spirit- although I suppose if someone has Fizz they have spirit.

Certainly don't go along with 50 cent. Current could be now, present, amps, electric. Allowance could be entitlement, ration, share, portion, limit, part. But still can't make anything from these.

Factor30, I'm really stuck on Current Allowance and Catch Robbie, hope somebody gets them soon!

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cryptic band names � any ideas???

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