who is the girl in the hang on sloopy video

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PAZZA66 | 16:21 Fri 20th Jul 2007 | Music
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there is an amazing girl in the McCoys 1964 hit Hang on Sloopy, does anyone know who she is. The video has the band playing on a stage in an old wild west town with this girl dancing in front of them, she has a ridiculously great figure, thanks , john.


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Have you got a link to the video? I found a couple on youtube, but no "wildwest" type.
BTW, just so you're not too disappointed; if you ever get to meet this girl, her figure may not be quite as good. Best to be prepared for these things.
rofl, I did exactly the same earlier, went pootling off to YouTube to find such video, and I too drew a blank.

I was also going to mention that presuming the girl in question was about 20ish that she'd now be nearing 70, but I didn't want to shatter the poor guys fantasies, glad to see you had no problem doing it though, lol.
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thanks guys, but old video does'nt age, and if she did anything else it might be worth watching. deep throat is 30 years old but you would would'nt you?
err, no comment.
Where can the video be seen (not deep throat - The Mccoys)?
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saw it on mtv a little while ago.
The incredible girl with nuclear body and moves to match, dancing in the most sexy way, is unkown.
"yomamadontdanz" on YouTube says she is the porn queen Marilyn Cambers (from "Behind the Green Door", and many others).
I doubt it, seeing that M.C. was born 22 April 1952. "Sloopy" was recorded by the McCoys in 1965. Does the girl in this video look THIRTEEN to anybody out there? I think not.

If someone really knows who she is....I'd LOVE to know.
I've included the link to YouTube for "Hang on Sloopy", by the McCoys. Again it's < 54299053519466&q=&hl=en>

Do a Google or Yahoo search for the song. There are a number of sites you can see the video on.

And.....that video actually belongs to a different recorded track. They re-released that video years later with a more acoustic sound track. The more 'tinny' sound is the '65 recording, but someone incorrectly titled it ('70's revamp).
In any case, you can hear the difference and watch the sounds match the video much closer on this link:
<> on YouTube.

Yes, this girl is very amazing. She is dancing like a queen on a really sexy way. Just the girl you'd like to be with.... I think she'd be +- 60 years today ! But she really feed our dreams. If anyone knows her name, I'm interested, just to know, cause she could be my mother....
Why cant we ask Rick Derringer who is sure to know when/ where they did the video and who the name of that foxy girl was. Seems everyone would like to know.
Some say this is Connie Peters from Penn. but the pictures I have seen of her do not match well. I would ask her, if she can be found or ask Rick Derringer, who is a wealth of information. He could tell us when ,where that video was made and who that foxy chick was....she is the type that young men dream about...I sure would have when in my twenties.
OK, I had to come back to say I finally got the answer - the girl with the hot moves was LIZ DERRINGER, Rick's 1st wife.
She sure does look like Petula Clark to me.
Behold Petula Clark!
liz derringer, rick's first wife
Do the research she is not his first wife! Rick Derringer did not remember her name at the time of the video. She was an unknown girl that showed up for the time of the shoot of this video, which would have been approximately around 1975 for the re-release of his song and added lyrics about Sloopy wearing a red dress as old as the the hills etc...
Still no answer. Wow.

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who is the girl in the hang on sloopy video

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