Music from Britain's Got Talent

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bentley1938 | 19:31 Fri 22nd Jun 2007 | Music
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Hi, does anyone know what the background music played during the YouTube clip of the 2nd semi-final with Bessie Cursons is called?? It's the clip before her Mary Poppins performance. It's a beautiful piano piece that I've heard so many times but have never known the name of. Can anyone help?! Thanks!!


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Posting the YouTube link would be a good starting point.
I don't know, but here's the link for everyone else:
I seen your post while searching for this song myself. I've been looking for it since i first heard it on Britain's got talent. and now i've finally found it. Its called Comptine d'un autre �t� and can be found on you tube here e=related&search=

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Hi, since asking my question I've fortunately been able to find the answer, so if anyone else was wondering what the piece was called it's "Comptine d'un autre ete" composed by "Yann Tiersen" apparently for the film "Amelie Poulain".

If anyone is interested in learning the piece themselves I also found on YouTube a french guy (SPIDERSMITH) who teaches you note by note, and also a lady (Geiger11) who has the sheetmusic posted on her sight for downloading.
I would put the link up to the YouTube sights if I could but I haven't a clue how, sorry I cannot be more specific!!!

I found them by typing in the name of the piece and there was loads of options from there. Hope that I've been of some help to anyone that's interested!!!

Thanks for my two replies though!!!

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Music from Britain's Got Talent

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