the last time we talked mr smith you reduced me to tears, I won't let that happen again

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darth vader | 16:19 Fri 23rd Feb 2007 | Music
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quote from Mika's "Grace Kelly" song - any one know what film it's from?

Apologies if this questions has been asked before - search engine said "Nil point"


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On ImDb poster reckons its been made up by Mika, as he was asked the same question on Radio 1

One poster reckons Country Girl, but that doesnt have a character called Mr Smith in...and someone has been through her films, and cant find a Mr SMith either.
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ok thanks - alternative question (which was why i asked about that line) - Who is Freddie?
Other ABer is correct. It was made up by Mika.
"who is Freddie"?

listen to the song - Mika's impersonation isn't so bad that you couldn't tell who Freddie is supposed to be.
Darth Vader, is that you back? Where have you been?
it could be "meet me in st louis"
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thanks all. answering all responses:

JD and Milly - i would be inclined to agree with you that he made it up (probably whilst out on MaryJane) i can't find any grace kelly film that would fit the lyrics, nor can i find a film with GK and Freddie ______ (?) in. For some reason i have a hunch it's Fred Astaire, who was eternally happy and jolly

mushroom - not convinced. Lord Lucan of Mercury has no link with Grace Kelly, also if you check Mikas site he never mentions Queen OR Freddie Mercury, in his influences (which are a wierd list, to say the least). Yes i know, he does sound like Freddie, and indeed the song sounds like Queen (the same jolliness as "Good old fashioned lover boy" perhaps?)

Gazzawazza - i cast myself out into the desert of apathy a couple of years back due to this site sinking into the abyss of crapness and being over-run by inane questions/answers/abuse. I do on occasion pop back in (to ask the odd question, or to answer questions [when i am pished]) How are you keeping? I notice you're still around (mainly in the sports section)

sheppo - Meet me in St Louis? why would you think that? (yes i know the family is called Smith, but hardly crucial and damning evidence - would be interested to hear why you think it's this musical?)
Great to see you back Darth, I'm fine, hope you are too.
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If i was hoping to be taken seriously i wouldn't admit to these influences (well, maybe Prince, and EJ if i was drunk). Nice FP though - very Seargent Peppersy

“I grew up listening to every thing from Joan Baez and Dylan, to Serge Gainsbourg and Flamenco. My musical tastes have become more eclectic as I’ve got older, but I'm always going back to great artist songwriters, people who make great records to their own vision. Prince, Harry Nillson, Elton John, even Michael Jackson. These people make amazing pop records that couldn’t be performed by anybody else and that’s what I always wanted to do.”
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Doing well Gazza thank you. I hang out at /
you're welcome to come and join us
yeh was a question on the jo whiley show,she said it was indeed made up by mika
Found this link regarding the "Freddie" question...
Since he bothered to get ahold of Freddie Mercury�s original piano I figure that he would have been quite inspired by him.

Also see: ticle_id=34500&in_page_id=7&in_a_source=
I also found out that the "quote" was made up by Mika himself and all the "quotes" were recorded by an actress in Los Angeles, using the original microphones from "Fantasia" and "Mary Poppins".

Read more on the page here: Week.doc+getting+angry+doesn%27t+solve+anythin g+Mika&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=8

If it doesn't work search google for: " Anyway, she goes, �getting angry doesn�t solve anything�" and follow the "view as html" for the first hit.

Best Regards
With respect to the "Freddie" aspect of the song, I think that the music video makes it clear that it is, in fact, Freddie Mercury. Each time that he sings "Freddie," he thrusts an arm into the air, which is a classic Freddie Mercury pose.
He deffinitly means Freddie Mercury, he sounds just like him and as someone else pointed out the arms going up is an obvious statement as to who he meant.
This song is reportedly writing about Simon Cowell who told Mika some years ago he was rubbish at an audition...

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the last time we talked mr smith you reduced me to tears, I won't let that happen again

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