Ironic/Funny For a First Person Shooter

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Random Hero | 19:36 Wed 13th Dec 2006 | Music
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theres an advert on tv for gears of war, with REM's mad world playing, tht is what i call ironic and funny, because it doesnt fit with the shoot em up style of the game. well i wanted some soft things that still manage to go with gaming and wondered if there were any particular bands anyone can think of that fit the bill. thanks


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well not really answering ure question but the song 'mad world ' in the game advert is actually performed by Gary Jules and was originally a hit by Tears for Fears , brilliant tune tho
Not really an answer to your question either but while the song may not fit the style of game it made you take notice of it which is probably the point!
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yea, but i actually like tht, because i like chilling and i like gaming, its a twofer :P
I would have personally gone for Metallica - Master of Puppets for the song on this advert. But then again it was used for Half-Life 2 trailers so it probably wouldn't be that good an idea.

As for soft music.... urrr The Dandy Warhols ? It depends what genre you're looking for. Theres ambient stuff out there but not knowing what genre you're after it's like random guessing.

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Ironic/Funny For a First Person Shooter

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