Why do singers wear earpieces when performing?

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surferchik | 21:44 Fri 17th Nov 2006 | Music
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On television, singers always have ear pieces, and was just wondering if anyone know why? I know presenters have them so they can hear advice from directors, etc. Someone told me the reason once, but I cant remember! Anyone? Cheers!


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They can hear the other instruments or backing track through them, in the same way that huge monitor wedges are used at concerts.
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Ah thanks Mortartube! I did know that deep down.. Thanks for the quick reply =]
Mortartube's absolutely right - technically known as in-ear monitors.
The ear pieces are actually there to provide feedback of the artists own voice.

Have you never listened to someone singing along to a song whilst wearing headphones with the volume turned up (if you havent, try it ... its fun!) when you can't hear your own voice you very quickly start singing flat.

With a loud band or orchestra behind the artist, they can't hear their own voice, so need the feedback to keep in tune.
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ahh yes thanks sparkyharky - that is more the kind of reason i thought it was. yes indeedy it is just painful to listen to people singing along to songs when they have headphones.. and yes im as guilty as the next person for doing it!! Thanks =]
The use of in-ear monitors gives the singer the choice of how many and which instruments he or she can hear, together with their own vocal for pitching correctly, and also the volume can be adjusted, a masive improvvement on the old wedge monitors. Of course, bands like Iron Maiden stilll use them, otherwise where would Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson pop their feet up at the exciting bits?
i have heard they say they wear them because they have the song playing on a mp3 player behind them sos they dont make a mistake and mess up the show
i have heard that singers wear ear phones in there ears when they sing because they are plugged into a mp3 player at the back of them sos there here the song so they dont make a mistake and mess up

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Why do singers wear earpieces when performing?

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