Is Johnny Cash Racist?

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Mr Tall | 17:51 Mon 18th Sep 2006 | Music
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Sorry. Was Johnny Cash rasist?.
Don't know but that is one scary site.
Question Author
Go on to his my space site......... and he wonders why he can't pull.
Can't find it.
Do you think he is real?
Question Author
Dunno but his taste in music is a bit funky, I can't belive he has over 100 pals on myspace.
Hi Mr Tall, You had me worried for a minute. I am an avid fan of Cash and knowing what he did for the Indians and poor Farmers and Blacks I just did'nt believe. Trawled around and the song is by Johnny Rebel and was written by Odis and the 3 Bigots.
To prove it I have pasted an extract from a Black Man's diary

I thought about this because I recently came across a song titled Ship Those ******* Back which I thought was sung by Johnny Cash. Because I understood the possibility of it being a parody, I listened to it and was waiting for the punchline. But it seemed straightforward. The message was: �America for the whites, Africa for the blacks�. Now that didn�t sound right.

But unlike others who are quick to judge, I did my research. If he were my friend and alive, I would have asked him. I knew Johnny Cash�s songs well and I know that he devoted one whole album to the plight of the Native Americans. How could he write a racist song (which didn�t appear to be an irony) knowing the values he stands for?

True enough, I found the answer. The song was written by Odis and the 3 Bigots but was repeatedly mistaken to be by Johnny Cash or this other man called Johnny Rebel. Someone with better knowledge should know, but the bottom line is, it wasn�t Johnny Cash, and I�m not surprised because he�s not capable of such indecency.

Rgds Al
Johnny Cash spent many years in Jamaica as he owned a house there
He talks about Jamaica and Jamaicans with great fondness in two autobiograhies. He spoke especially highly of the balck staff who worked for him there
Whilst in Jamaica on one occasion he and his family were attacked and robbed in their home at gunpoint by a couple of the local boys-despite this he did not bear any ill will to the people of the island
The fact that this knuckle-dragger has named a Johnny Cash album as his current listening has nothing to do with the "song" he quotes below. I should think The Man In Black would be turning in his grave.

Sadly, I can easily believe this pillock has lots of friends who agree with him - how do you think Bush got in? The most insulting thing of all is the way they all hide behind God. I'm no religious nut, but doesn't the Bible teach tolerance and treating everyone as your neighbour? Strange how that gets forgotten by the hypocritical American "religious" ultra-right.

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Is Johnny Cash Racist?

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