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MrsLadyBug | 02:52 Sun 09th Jul 2006 | Music
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What was the name of the song, and which album,that started with a story about a boy going upstairs and thinking about bashing his sleeping father over the head with his guitar? I thought I had it but cant find it anywhere at home. someone must have it!


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Originally from Jim Steinman's solo album 'Bad For Good' and it's called "Love And Death And An American Guitar".
Sorry, these are the lyrics by the way...

I remember everything!
I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday
I was barely seventeen, and I once killed a boy with a Fender guitar
I don't remember if it was a telecaster or a stradacaster
But I do remember that it had a heart of chrome and a voice like a horny angel
I don't remember if it was a telecaster or a stradacaster
But I do remember that it wasn't at all easy
It required the perfect combination of the right power chords
And the precise angle from which to strike
The guitar bled for about a week afterward
And the blood was ugh dark and rich, like wild berries
The blood of the guitar was Chuck Berry red
The guitar bled for about a week afterward, but it rung out beautifully
And I was able to play notes that I had never even heard before
So I took my guitar, and I smashed it against the wall
I smashed it against the floor
I smashed it against the body of a varsity cheerleader
Smashed it against the hood of a car
Smashed it against a 1981 Harley Davidson
The Harley howled in pain, the guitar howled in heat
And I ran up the stairs to my parents' bedroom
Mummy and daddy were sleeping in the moonlight
Slowly I opened the door, creeping in the shadows
Right upto the foot of their bed
I raised the guitar high above my head
And just as I was about to bring the guitar crashing down
upon the centre of the bed, my father woke up, screaming "Stop!"
"Wait a minute! Stop it boy! What do ya think you're doin'?
That's no way to treat an expensive musical instrument!"
And I said: "God dammit daddy!
You know I love you, but you got a hell of a lot to learn about rock an' roll"

...then leads straight into "Stark Raving Love", I shall have to go and play that again now (great
Oh yes, I used to have that - was it a blue cd (oops cassette I think) that had the fab Surf's up on it - must do some research
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It was also on Bat Out of Hell 2, under the title of Wasted Youth, where it lead straight into Everything Louder Than Everything Else.
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Thanks guys,
I think that it may have been a cassette we had it too. It's not on any of the Meatloaf greatest hits cds. cant understand why.
Thanks for the words, whattheheck, it will help with the memory. The last few lines are often chanted at family get togethers when a few drinks have been downed!

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