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ermadea | 21:50 Tue 27th Jun 2006 | Music
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Just out of interest, what are the first 12 tracks on your mp3 player/IPod, mine are the following:
Hold Your Breath......Morning Runner
Personal Jesus........Marilyn Manson
Acrobat........................Maximo Park
Where are you now when I Need You....Waterboys
Do You Know Me........Babyshambles
What A World...............Rufus Wainwright
Candy............................Iggy pop
Days of Pearly Spencer.....Marc Almond
Paint THe Sky .................Enya.

I Guess that'squite an ecclectic mix, what about yours?


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Mine are the first 12 tracks from " Abba, The Definitive Collection"
Not a very ecclectic mix I'm affraid but the other 8000+ tracks are.
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Well I guess I wasn't reckoning on people indexing their songs alphabetically, still I like Abba, I suppose yours is an IPod or like fly258, mine only a humble mp3 player, but I like my songs all mixed up, then I don't know what's coming next, sometimes if its a loud rocking track after a slow ambient one, i nearly jump out of my skin. haha, thanks for your answer anyhoo.
muse - map of the problematique
Morning runner - oceans
Starsailor - Good Souls (Live Bristol 06)
Starsailor - Tie up My Hands
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
Kooks - Naive
Razorlight - Somewhere Else
Delays - Valentine
Snow PAtrol - Chasing Cars
AC/DC - Back in Black
Union Of Knives - I Decline
Starsailor - Silence Is Easy
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Oh Great selection Goodsoulette, got to say don't know too much about ac/dc, bit heavy for me, haven't heard union of Knives, but might do some googling on tracks on peoples lists, that have tracks I like, cos surely if you like a lot of the stuff I do, then maybe I'll give other tracks you like a listen. thanks
Raul Midon - State of Mind (Hastily downloaded after seeing him on Jools Holland on Friday) - Anyone else see that by the way??????
Richard Ashcroft - Why Not Nothin
The Fratellis - Creepin up the Back Stairs
The Strokes - Last Nite
Dirty Pretty Things - Deadwood
Arctic Monkeys - Who the Fu(k are Arctic Monkeys
Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh
The Verve - Lucky Man
Graham Coxon - You and I
Arrested Development - Honeymoon
Lily Allen - Smile
Jack Johnson - My Doorbell (Ace White Stripes Cover)
Oh and hi so wrapped up in answerin didn't see ya there......How's the moth-hunting business? Oh, and good choices btw
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Hey Mike, now your list is interesting too, love Richard Ashcroft, also just bought Dirties new cd at weekend, great stuff, Jack Johnson, dare I say it but I find him a bit blande, Strokes yes,Arctics, great wee band, Graham Coxon loving his solo stuff since Blur, don't know much about Badly Drawn Boy other than his dalliance with Avril Lavigne, like Lilly Allen, must try to hear more, Arrested Dev. not my cup of tea, Raul Midon, sorry don't know, missed Jules, fell asleep waiting for it, thanks for your selection
Cheers ermadea, went to see Ahscroft last week in for your selection, gotta be said, for me the marc almond track stands out as the stinker there I hate that record lol but each to their own I say!! and I'd have had Iggy Pop's Passenger over Candy any day too but otherwise good stuff!

I've just posted a question in music with a link to Raul Midon - check it oot!!!!!
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All This jumping about from question to question has got me all confused, Marc Almond track Mike is just a song that holds fond memories of a time in my life, hate soft cell stuff, but reckon the guy has a great voice, Iggys passenger is on player at number 31. It is supposed to be first 12 tracks. (Are you playing cheats and just making up a wee list of songs you like at the moment) sussed you out haha
1, say a lillte prayer, aretha franklin
2, hold your breath, morning runner
3, its not like everyones my freind, morning runner
4, seaside, the kooks
5, naive, the kooks,
6, heart shaped box, nivarna,
7, pure morning, placebo,
8, bus ride, rocco de luca,
9.last goodbye, jeff buckley,
10,arctic monkeys, mardy bum,
11,sympathy for the devil, rolling stones,
12,but its better if you do, panic at the disco
Only a tatty old mp3 player I'm afraid, but mine are...

- Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
- Regina Spektor - Us
- Oceansize - Music for a Nurse
- Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
- Nerina Pallot - Everybody's Going To War
- Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning
- The Doves - Black and White Town
- T-Rex - Ride a White Swan
- Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen
- Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
- Belouis Some - Imagination
- Kate Bush - Cloudbursting
I've put my mp3 on shuffle so we'll get a selection, And they are:
Pressure Point - The Zutons
Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae
Natural Mystic - Bob Marley
Love Is A Number - White Rose Movement
I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen
Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South
Dani California - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Teenage Angst - Placebo
Daddy Cool - Placebo
White Trash - Junior Senior
Don't Speak - No Doubt
Pierrot The Clown - Placebo
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Thanks loopyc, I'm loving your choice, I am enjoying morning runner/starsailor/placebo, all with the same sort of heart wrenching sounds, and rocky too, Love Brians slow numbers too, esp. passive aggressive, Mathew Greener has a great voice too, a bit like James Walsh, Jeff Buckley, a sublime voice, loving wee Luke Pritchard, got a good sound, and good old Jagger, I'll have some of that, Classic Nirvana, sadly missed Kurt, good choices, will check out Panic at the disco and Rocco de luca, and who hasn't got Aretha, got the rest in my collection
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Thanks Dizzieblonde, well have to say your tunes are a bit more diverse, to my taste, only recently heard some of Regina, excellent voice, love her, Queen, well haven't we all got some of Freddy, what a catalogue of back tunes, like Guy Garvie, Got 3 cds, haven't listened in a while, T. Rex, well thats a melting pot of sounds, Marc Bolan was quite a wee icon, Stevie Nicks, don't know a lot about her solowork, but I have a few Fleetwood Mac cds, Kate Bush, well that's an aquired taste IMHO, The ones I've missed I will check them out
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Thanks :Ace: Well your selection is a bit of everything really, Zutons not that keen, sound too much like the Coral, aren't they Liverpool lads too, Corinne,not so into jazz/soul stuff, No doubt, don't have any of that,and Gwens solo stuff is a bit too commercial, can't fault Marley got a lot of his, Paul heaton has got a great voice and what a storyteller, guess if your shuffle brought up 3 tracks by Mr Molko you like me have all Placebos work, Chilis stuff I try to like, but I much prefer watching Keidis than listening to him, White Rose Movement, will check that out, I guess your tastes and mine sort of meet in the middle, well whatever gets you through the day, respect, oh and also Junior senior, I'll be looking out for them.
ermadea rocco de luca is great he is managed bu kiefer sutherland, sky did a documentary on him called i trust you to kill me (album title) if its on again its a great watch x

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