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maxximus | 00:42 Sun 25th Jun 2006 | Music
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the song when mogali meets king louie,( i'm the king of the swingers the jungle v.i.p.) sung by louie prima. what is the song's actual name? thanx.


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I always thought it was 'I wanna be like you',,,but could be wrong,if so i dont care!!
According to the track listing of the Disney film's soundtrack CD, the correct title is I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song).

Mind you, since when was an orang-utan a monkey?
I thought monkey was just a general term.
It's an ape, not a monkey. Not the same thing.

Still, enough of my unwarranted pedantry... ;-)
on louis prima greatest hits its listed as wanna be like you

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