Red Hot Chili Peppers new album

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mkt | 15:36 Sun 14th May 2006 | Music
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This is going to sound really daft but can someone tell me the difference between a standard cd and a digipak.

The new Chilis album is available as both and when i've looked at them they appear to be the same....same track list etc so whats the difference?


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I think it is just the packaging.

the standard Cd comes in the jewel case, whereas the digipak consists of one or more plastic trays contained in a cardboard of various shapes and forms (typically a book cover format).

Usually digipak versions of CDs are deluxe versions commonly containing bonus material as opposed to jewel cases that are usually the regular editions.

Digipak is the make of CD case. It's usually a cardboard substance instead of the normal jewel case. Usually the casing contains extra pictures, leaflets or booklets.

However there is no siginificant difference between the CD version and the Digipak version of Stadium Arcadium (both contain the same amount of songs) but the Digipak is so say "Limited Edition".

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thanks both

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