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Musiclover2 | 20:09 Sat 29th Apr 2006 | Music
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Is it just me or is Nicola so out of place in that band? In their videos and performances she just don't fit in. All the other girls look the part but she has always got that boring look on her face. I think they should get rid.

Not that I'm a fan of Girls Aloud, you must understand!


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You are totally right!! If you recall, she was voted out, but then got back in again because the votes were screwed up- everyone in the nation voted Javine OUT, of course, it was during big brother, and everyone voted for the one they wanted OUT rather than their favourite. So all the votes were totally round the wrong way. She should NEVER have been in the band and Javine should.

She looks out of place because she is- and it's nothing to do with being ginger! She just doesn't have that x factor and stage presence the others do. She also CANNOT smile - physically! she does not know how! She can staple on a false one, but it's not a real smile like the others. She is also the weakest singer.

While I agree in principle, I'm disappointed that the other three (apart from Sarah), have morphed into one. Cheryl used to be a beautiful slighly plum brunette - she and Nadine are now almost interchangeable. Nadine had so much going - and still does - but she's fuined her hair. The other one (Kimberley?) has been outshadowed by the others and has lost her identity. Such a shame as apart from Lemar, they are the best thing to come out of reality music shows.

I`ve noticed on any of their videos that they hardly put Nicola in the main shot, (which is only if she is singing - and that is not alot )and is always placed at the end/side if they are on stage.

You are right Scarlett, she doesn`t know how to smile.

I think Nicola does not have much confidence and the reason she does not smile is because she has bad teeth, they look quite yellow.

It must be difficult for her to be in a band where the others are far more attractive than her but unfortunately looks do matter when your'e in a pop band in the public eye.

Oh I am so glad someone else has said this, she seems so wooden and robotic, talk about lucky to be in the band, Javine was far more talented.
She totally ruins the video for "Whole Lotta History", all the others are posing and really getting into it and when the camera faces her way it's like "AAAGGHH WHAT DO I DO NOW?". She seemed to fit into the video for "The Show" though, maybe she's like Mr T and has to be drugged before performing

i agree but also, can anyone actually understand anything nadine says????? i saw them being interviewed on paul o grady with chriatian slater, he kept looking at her everytime she spoke with this puzzled expression on his face!!

but in answer to your question she is very moody looking, never smiles. i think they shud get rid too

its a shame when these new ones start out saying that fame wont change them and that their feet are firmly on the ground,its never true, they always lift up eventually!!

Girls Aloud have become dolls. They all look like the dolls that have been modelled on them!! Thing is, where can they go from here? Their hair cannot get any bigger or brighter, and they cannot get any thinner without being dead.

So.. I reckon their number will be up pretty soon.

Have you noticed all their songs are the same too? At some point they are going to be releaseing the same song again.. or as good as!

I agree...shes the only one in the band I woudnt...........unless Id had a fair bit of devils water
oh dear, is everyone sadly deluded as to why these girls are so successful? it's because they grace the lad's mags and older men love them. also if you've been watching their recent tv program off the record you'll notice that a lot of their fans are pre teen girls and gay men because no straight man would ever admit to liking their music... but they'd probably like to bed most of them.
if any one of them were to leave for a solo career they would disappear into obscurity because they work best as a unit. nadine's got the best voice but she's a bit brainless. if you remember prior to girls aloud she tried to get into the irish pop idol, was successful but then was kicked out because she was underage. she even made out she couldn't remember her date of birth and phoned her mum to ask on camera. DOH!!!

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