downloading music without the spam

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crisgal | 12:51 Sat 22nd Apr 2006 | Music
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does anyone know of a decent music site - like itunes - that doesn't bombard you with emails once you've signed up? I am trying to download "tonight you belong to me" by patience and prudence.


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i use edonkey and i dont get any spamy stuff thru
yeah i use Kazaa on my PC, seems to be fine, no ads or popups at all... but WAIT DONT download the brand new version cos it runs off ads and popups (to fund the whole Kazaa thing) I am using Kazaa lite K++, it is a version from about 3 years ago and it's great. see if you can get it from or something lol. ~Steelie~
PS You'll find that with all new 'Free' software download programs, like the new version of Kazaa, Limewire or eDonkey, they are all funded by ads so you get 'em poppin uo all the time!! =( lol
At the moment I'm using limewire, and i have no problems with it and I never get ads popping up, but i would also reccomend bit torrent but that doesn't always have everyting u r looking 4
I am very impressed with the customer service from Mykazaagold I just want you to know that I have been �shopping� for a download service to join for about 2 weeks. I think I've visited and researched just about every site there is. I have to say but the customer support of mykazaagold�s fast responses to my questions were the clincher in deciding to join.
The best place to download music.

Kazaa Platinum recently came into market. I bought it & I think this was the best choice I ever made.

It gives me specific results for my music & movie downloads, unlike Limewire or any other Kazaa.

It also gives a free anti virus programme , free Ipods/ Mp3 transfer software, free CD burning software free, all in just 29.50 $ one time lifetime fee.

I must say it is a revoultion in music / movies downloads.

I recently bought .

I think it is a revolution in music & movies. Unlimited music & dvd movies at your finger tips.

It is better than any Lime wire , Kazaa Lite, kazaa Plus, Mykazaagold.

Also, I got free Mp3/Ipods transfer , CD burning , anti virus software, which came along.

No need to make changes in your fire walls , internet securities. Very friendly, easy to use, 24/7 technical support peace of mind.

I think this was the best choice I ever made.
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I would like to say, Flickr music is the best free music/movies download library that exist today. Membership is very reasonable, they provide fresh tracks each month and they're more than happy to work with you and help you Set it up on your PC. Unlike other free Music download companies, Flickr music gives you the freedom to re-arrange the music tracks and use them in any way you want. What more could you ask for? is the way to go .

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downloading music without the spam

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