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Morrisonker | 00:56 Mon 10th Apr 2006 | Music
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I'm looking for songs by woman about being with/dating a guy in a band, preferably in a rock stylee, any suggestions?


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Not rock stylee I'm afraid,but Superstar by The Carpenters is about Karen's love for a guitarist in a band.

Your So Vain - Carly Simon, which is allegedly about Mick Jagger (who ironically, sings backing vocals on the track).

Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne.
Don't Speak by No Doubt is about the singers relationship with other member(s) of the band.
Does it have to be a woman? The reason I ask is because 'Victims' and 'Karma Chameleon' were written by Boy George about Jon Moss (drummer in Culture Club).
I always thought Carly Simon's song was about Warren Beatty.
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Preferably by women and has to be a rock song. It's for a short film a friend is doing about the local music scene in my city and which features my boyfriend amongst others. Positive songs would be good too, it's not all bad being with a singer :) We've got a few songs complaining about when the band go on tour and leave you behind etc.

I'm kinda looking for a song that's about seeing him on stage and stuff, being proud of him and so on. I've got a feeling there is one out there that I'm forgetting about.

'You're So Vain' is rumoured to be about several people ~ the speculation has been going on for years! Warren Beatty is the favourite as Mick sang on the track.

To add to the other suggestions all I can think of is 'You Oughtta Know' by Alanis Morrisette, which isn't a very positive song but great none the less ;o) allegedly written about Matt Le Blanc so if this is true it isn't about a rock star, unfortunately.

I'll get me coat.....

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