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javis69 | 18:47 Mon 13th Mar 2006 | Music
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I was wondering if people could share their choices of what they feel is the best love making music In all kinds of genres I think it is In My opinion Michael Bolton - said I loved You


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lol i would say kylie cant get you out of my head as you wouldnt wanna be dreaming of david beckham instead lol haha
Michael Bolton!!! Personally that would turn my stomach!! Surely Marvin Gaye - Sexual Feeling
Sorry i meant Sexual Healing! Was singing it in my head and was at the When i get that feeling part!!!
Heres a strange one for you its done by Underworld - Little Speaker it is really good for the sex.
You cant' beat 'I Like To Move It' by Reel to Reel feat. The Mad Stuntman.
Closer by Nine Inch Nails ^_~
So, javis69, you like maknig love to 'Said I Loved you..But I Lied'. Ummm - still single, right?
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Your so darn Good! whattheheck! I asked for the best love making Music .... not that I wanna strat right away ... Just was keen to know.. can u fill me in on how u found out that i am single its really amazing kudos to you !!! :-D

Hi javis69, just a hunch - honest! I'm guessing male aswell, yeah?, and if I'm right on that just think about the title of the song you chose.

If you want a real sexy one to err, you know to, try 'Red Light Special' by TLC - surprised they allowed it !

Hold on, I'm coming by Solomon Burke

Love you to death

Burnt flowers fallen

Die with me

by Type O Negative

And personally if I heard michael bolton I'd have to stop action and change cd...

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best love making music

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